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  • "Any effective delivery technology method must be able to overcome all the bio-barriers between administration and the target cell." - Dr. Mauro Ferrari
  • Our bodies' own defense mechanisms prevent all but a small number of therapeutic molecules from reaching their site of action.
  • Leonardo has demonstrated a manufacturing process which we believe will scale economically.

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A Unique Drug Delivery System
Leo is the exclusive provider of a revolutionary multistage drug delivery platform (MSV™) focused on the treatment of metastatic cancers. The first stage consists of a silicon nanoparticle that is rationally designed to circumvent the multiple biological barriers in the bloodstream, and concentrate near cancer cells. These non-toxic and biodegradable silicon particles can carry a large payload of various second stage delivery particles, such as liposomes or polymeric delivery vehicles which contain active drug compounds and associated delivery enhancement materials.

Leonardo plans to generate revenue through the development of a series of breakthrough oncology products, and through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies where improvement in safety and/or efficacy of their drugs is desired. Leonardo's multi-stage vector (MSV™) silicon particle approach is unique in the industry and offers several significant competitive advantages.
Most anti-cancer drugs are untargeted cytotoxins, delivered at their maximum tolerable dose level. It is estimated that only 1 in 100,000 drug molecules actually reaches its intended target—the cancer cell. The remainder of the drug molecules are degraded or spread throughout the body where they cause serious side effects including nausea, anemia, fatigue and more.

Roughly 40% of new anti-cancer compounds fail to enter human clinical trials due to toxicity and solubility problems. Many compounds tested in humans ultimately fail to gain FDA approval due to toxic side effects. The pharmaceutical industry has expended considerable amounts of time and money seeking to solve this problem. Leonardo is positioned to significantly improve the therapeutic index of drugs already on the market as well as enable new therapeutics, such as RNAi.
February 2013
Publication in Clinical Cancer Research highlights a breakthrough study by Dr. Ferrari and associates showing an 83% reduction of Ovarian Cancer tumors with siRNA delivered via Leonardo’s MSV particles. Read
February 2013
Leonardo Biosystems selected as one of the “Most Promising” companies and technology systems at the Texas Life Science Venture Forum sponsored by Rice University and BioHouston. Read
October 2012
Leonardo Biosystems was awarded two key patents by the USPTO covering their rational design approach to developing nanoparticles that selectively target tumor fenestrations and enhance the endocytosis process of their drug carrying MSV™ particles. Read
June 2012
Leonardo Biosystems has successfully scaled up their patent pending MSV™ particle manufacturing process with their key CMO partner, NanoMedical Systems in Austin, Texas. Read

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